University of Siena (Italy)
Lead Partner & Scientific Responsible

Università degli Studi di Siena (UNISI) is the scientific coordinator of Erasmus+ Project T.E.S.T. Its team has an expertise in teaching innovation and is involved in all the activities for faculty development of the Teaching & Learning Center of Unisi. As lead partner, Unisi is in charge of the scientific coordination and of the project management, with the aim of monitoring the efficiency of scientific and technical progress, of ensuring the involvement of everyone in the decision-making and implementation processes to achieve the expected results.
The team is composed by Prof. Alessandra Romano, scientific coordinator of Project T.E.S.T, Prof. Loretta Fabbri, Prof. Claudio Melacarne, and by Dr. Rubina Petruccioli, Dr. Sara Rossi, Dr. Erina Guraziu, project manager, Dr. Alessandro Puglisi e and Dr. Francesca Bulletti.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli (Italy)

Accademia delle Belle Arti di Napoli (ABANA) is a cultural and artistic center has always been present in national and international art system.
The departments involved in the Project T.E.S.T. are: Department of Set Design and Costumes, Audiovisual Department, Fashion
Design Department. ABANA's role in the project concerns the desk comparative analysis, elaboration of OER contents and the collection and selection of case studies of excellence applied to virtual laboratory teaching for scientific, humanistic and artistic disciplines.

The team involved in the Project T.E.S.T. is composed of Prof. Marianna Carbone, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee, Prof. Luigia Annunziata, Prof. Marina Brancato, Prof. Giulia Scalera, Prof. Mauro Maurizio Palumbo and Prof. Zaira de Vincentiis.


CONFORM - Consulenza, Formazione e Management S.c.a.r.l. has been working since 1995 at national and international level, promoting and implementing important research projects, training plans with innovative classroom and e-learning formats and solutions, providing consultancy and technical assistance to companies and the Public Sector, with the support of expert personnel and a consolidated team of trainers, consultants, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, bearers of successful experience.

The team involved in the Project T.E.S.T. consists of Dr. Alfonso Santaniello, President of CONFORM, Dr. Brunella Maio and Dr. Virginia Rosania.

Université Côte d'Azur (France)

Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) is a multi-disciplinary university. UCA is part of the Project T.E.S.T. because in recent years they have designed many educational resources, they have many materials to provide a more customised training course for their students, and experience with higher education access diploma for people who are not avaibable to enter to university. The Project T.E.S.T. provides them with new skills and will improve the way they teach and learn.

The team for the Project T.E.S.T. consists professors from Institute of Technology, Prof. J-Christophe Boisse, Prof. Michel Gautero and Prof. Sothy Srey, and is highly supports by the Centre of Europe and its Regions of UCA headed by Dr. Virginie Oddo, Dr. Blanca Martin and Dr. Sara Sidaoui.

ECO Digital Learning (Spain)

ECO Digital Learning originates from a European project based on Open Educational Resources (OER) and is participated and chaired by the National University of Distance Education (UNED). The Task in which ECO is focus on the Adaptive Teacher Toolbox design, that consist on the design and development of a Toolkit coordinated by Eco company, where they focus on four task: realization of the Toolkit for the implementation of the E-Labs, the definition of the methodological measures to be observed, than the macro design of the toolkit finally and a collection of case studies coming from all the partners involved in the project.

ECO’s team consists of Prof. Vicente Montiel Molina, Project management, and Prof. Sara Osuna Acedo, Scientific Committee.

EFMD AISBL (Belgium)

EFMD plays a central role in defining a global approach to higher and management education, and is an expert organisation for quality assurance in digital learning environments. The EFMD, on the strength of an international network of quality assurance expertise, will carry out quality control actions and continuous monitoring of the project's progress, coordinate the dissemination activities of the project and ensure quality control to guarantee the conformity of the results achieved with the planned objectives.

The Team involved in the Project T.E.S.T. is composed of Dr. Jean-Baptiste Maillard, Dr. Athanasia Panoutsou and Dr. Maria Quilez.


The University for Continuing Education Krems (UWK) is the leading public university for continuing education in Europe. With its expertise in teaching and research, it works to overcome societal challenges.
The Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies at University for Continuing Education Krems pursues a topic of high social relevance: the research of lifelong learning in all its different aspects. The spectrum ranges from didactics and media competence to the possibilities of using technology-supported digital tools.
UWK/Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies participates in the T.E.S.T. project because of its experience and interest in individualized and adaptive learning and teaching from both, a methodological and technical perspective. In the area of adult continuing education, building on and adapting to existing experiences and needs of learners is particularly relevant to enabling sustainable learning outcomes. The project results are thus envisioned to inform future teaching activities on both, bachelor’s and master's levels in continuing education at UWK.

The staff involved in the Project T.E.S.T. consists of Prof. Stefan Oppl, Nilay Aral MSc, Susanne Lippl, Martina Fehér.


University of Patras (UPatras) has a specific strategy for the development of e-learning infrastructures and platforms. The team have extensive teaching experience in training and educating pre-service and in-service teachers on the use of ICT in education, innovative practices in education and e-learning.
The research interests of all team members are in accordance with active methodologies in the field of teaching and learning and their experience in the implementation of appropriate tools, methods and approaches can support the project objectives.

The members of the research team, Prof. Anthi Karatrantou and Prof. Christos Panagiotakopoulos, are part of the Computers & Educational Technology Laboratory (CETL) of the Department of Education and Social Work.


The aim of the Universitat Rovira I Virgili (URV) is very clear: to place knowledge at the service of society in order to contribute to the social and economic development of its environment, which has gradually transformed over time. And it does so by offering a full range of educational possibilities, an extensive doctoral programme and a flexible lifelong learning programme, so that professionals can constantly update their knowledge and improve
their skills. One of the aim pursued with the Project T.E.S.T. is to help find an effective model for developing adaptive learning, so as to provide
students and teachers, as a team, with the ability to integrate their experiences and adapt to the needs and diversity of students.

Its team involved in the Project T.E.S.T. is composed of Dr. Teresa Torres, and Dr. Manuel Ahedo.


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) at the University of Zagreb (UniZG) is the largest technical faculty and leading educational and R&I institution in the fields of electrical engineering, information and communication technology, and computing in the Republic of Croatia. UniZG-FER coordinates the network of trainers and multilevel testing actions for delivery of the training program.
UniZG-FER is also involved in the preparation of "Training of trainers for Adaptive teaching" analysis, preparation of Open Education Resources for role empowerment and learning by e-doing, development of the Adaptive Teacher Toolbox, organization of multiplier events, and various dissemination activities.

The staff involved in the Project T.E.S.T. consists of Dr. Tomislav Jagušt, dr. Marko Horvat, prof. Jasna Matijević, Juraj Dončević MSc and Agneza Krajna MSc.